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December 09, 2017
Are you at home after a period out of paid work feeling any of the following: Under Financial Pressure, Despairing, Lacking Mental Stimulation, Isolated, Locked Up, Frumpy, Baby Brained, Lacking in Confidence?Are you toying with the idea of taking the next step in your career out of the home? I’m writing this blog for you......

I was back in an office within six months of someone saying they thought I should.  I have to say, by the time I had finished my first very daunting week I was thrilled to be there. I was back in the game, there were new bright shiny people to challenge me and provide work banter, and I was growing again.  I’ll share the full story over the posts about my whys and hows of getting back into work but I would say that it took two years longer than it probably should have for me to get back into the swing of the (paid work)ing mother. Why?

I was frightened

It simply didn’t occur to me that I could achieve a healthy balance between being a mum, staying in touch with the school gate, being around for the people I cared about AS WELL AS feeling the buzz of being out in the world and performing the craft that I had spent almost 20 years trying to perfect.  That “trade” is nothing too high-brow or impressive..I’m a recruiter…but I love it and I missed it.

I love being part of a team, matching people up to the right role for them, getting to the heart of what motivates  people, being there for their lightbulb moments and providing solutions. It fulfills me and I am good at it.

You can be a stay-at-home-mum and a world changer

I strongly believe that. I also believe that if it doesn’t fulfill you you should dip your toe back in the career water with absolutely no guilt. In this blog I want to help you in that process of getting stuck back in.

Let’s look under the bonnet

At what is driving you to go back, and to what. There is some amazing content out there already: about how to arrange the practicalities of any childcare you need, different styles of work, how to identify the work that’s right, the process of securing a job. My idea is just to gather what I think the best of it is in one place and overlay it with my own experience.  If I could help just one or two women who were in the trap that I had myself in…damned if I do (go back to work) and damned if I don’t, then the blog is worth it.

I can’t do it without you

I’d love to build a collective of women who share their insight and experiences on this topic. I can only trot out my own story but there will be so many riffs on the same theme and they will all be invaluable.

I hope that you will get something from my blog. Let me know if anything is resonating so far!

Laura Xx

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