Mary Berry Can Relaunch You

December 29, 2017
I was struck watching some Christmas "tinsel" on telly today by a tiny Welsh village and how the lovely Mary Berry might just hold the secret to your comeback. 

There "Bezza" was, sitting in a field, peeling potatoes with a lovely lady from South Wales who lost her job and all her confidence with it. Then, along came the amazing Buffy who set up a community centre in her village, in the Rhondda valley. This lady invited Mary's potato lady to help her and, essentially, gave her her life back in the process. 

The valley had lost its school, its post office, both banks, probably the GP and its inhabitants felt understandably hopeless.

 "When the centre came about, I didn't want to do it first of all. And my mother got taken ill, she was diagnosed with confidence just took a knock back". 

What started to build her back up was community, and the idea of getting out of herself and serving others. She made tea, sandwiches, helped at the bingo and slowly she got nice feedback and felt part of something bigger than herself. 

Volunteering is such a failsafe method of building your confidence up to get back into a career. For the following reasons:

1) you get a natural sense of accomplishment

2) you see the positive effect you have on people
3) you pick up new skills and it's easier to make mistakes; you're not getting paid
4) it makes you more interesting and interested
5) you can provide support to the individuals who are impacted by the daily stress and chaos of modern life. That feels good
6) you just be out there in the world and expand your world view
7) it helps sort out any skills gap
8) it might help you stumble on a passion, like my tea lady

Hang on, this sounds like the beginnings of a job! This is exactly where you can start, with a community that builds you. You can go from here to work. Here is a useful link to how two people moved from volunteering to career

If this strikes a chord, could looking for local volunteering opportunities be your confidence kick start in 2018?

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