My Gift to You

December 23, 2017
Even though you don't know me well yet, I know you. I know you've worked your socks off this year. I know you've sat up late these last few nights or straight after school drop off, frantically hitting "add to basket" on Amazon and turning yourself inside out for the coolest Yule.

I know you've had to think about children, brothers, fathers-in-law, pet-care, family dynamics, scarves, gloves, runny noses, will you have a drink or not, will you have another piece of Stollen cake or not, do you really need that much brandy cream. You've gone to the supermarket, partook in the Octopus Olympics trying to manage it all, sat down to watch your favourite programme then got up again after two minutes to do another job.

You're tired, half-in-love with Christmas, half annoyed at the expense and expectations on your time. 


You will get through  Christmas because you always get through everything. 

Appreciate yourself for that. 

I once inherited a team and a job that was way too big for me. Fifteen years later, I ran into one of those team members. She now runs a wildly successful florist and she said 
"I quote you all the time, you said that first morning: I don't know what I am doing. You all have to help me".

Say it today to your family. Definitely say it tomorrow. Say it in January to anyone with ears. Use it whenever and wherever you can, my gift to you. Be your real, honest and lovely self. 

Merry Christmas X

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