We Can All Be Flexible Workers

December 20, 2017

The needle has completely been moved on flexible working. 

Just this week, I have been offered a role with a premium consultancy that was ONE day in the office and the rest of home. They don’t have office space. Would I mind? WOULD I MIND!? That to me is the dream scenario!

As an introvert with high levels of self-motivation this would totally work for me. I don’t want to change roles at the moment but it did strike me how much flexible working has moved even in the last few years Nowadays wellbeing and engaged workforces are seen as commercial drivers of success. It follows that top employers are doing that they can to incorporate carers/mums with dependents whose routine can’t quite fit with 9 -5 into the workforce.

Peter Hogg of Schneider Electric says companies worth their salt now look at this from a holistic point of view. How do we get the best out of our workers? “wellbeing Ambassadors” are an actual thing these days. In this podcast, Hogg is right on with his take on diversity, wellbeing and flexible working. He talks about growing a culture of respect and honesty through allowing workers to be “virtual” whenever and wherever they need to.

Let’s not shackle our talented people by telling them the hours they’ve got to work, being really rigid, the locations they’ve got to work, how much they should and shouldn’t travel.

When I came back I basically “sucked it up” for five days in the office to build my confidence and showcase my skills. Now, I only do three days in the office. I save four hours of commuting and that is when I have some of my most constructive strategic thinking time. I also don’t waste time putting on slap or suiting up on those days. I make sure I have all my face-to-face meetings in two days and then do calls/emails on the others. Todd says “all that matters is output and attitude”

It’s important to be flexible back

I have been know to do a candidate “washup”(feedback) call at 6pm Friday night when it was the only time senior peoples’ diaries  could align.  My husband and I were away for a night without the kids. These nights are obviously gold but I plugged him in front of the TV sport and all was well. You need to build trust Recruitment companies like Workingmums.co.uk and CapabilityJane have been onto the trend for a long time and match up companies who offer flexible working with flexible workers. There are many more. Does your company offer flexible hours?

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