Your Failsafe Strategy: Do What You Love

December 22, 2017
There have been many parts of my various jobs over all of the decades that I would have rather stuck pins in my eyes than do over again.

“Bash out” sales calls in the early days, work through the 2008 crash when my only clients were financial services. 

Shudder! Before I left in the morning I used to slump over the kitchen bench, saying to my husband “I just can’t to this, I just can’t do this for one second longer". It was dire.

Or, hearing from a candidate that you have coached, cajoled and counseled for six months that he’s taking the other offer so no, you won’t be getting a finder's fee.

What has kept me going however, through all of this, is retaining the bit of my job where I achieve “FLOW”.

If I try and describe this in my own words, it is a time when it feels like I am using all of the skills that I have ever learned. They come to the fore simultaneously in a way that makes me hypereffective. In that moment, I “know that I know” I am meant to be doing what I am doing. Boundless energy comes from leftfield, I am wide awake, utterly enthused and I am top of my game.

For me, it is when I’m appraising staff and creating objectives that motivate them, or when I am encouraging someone and I see the switch going off in their head.  I know they are lit up by what I have said. I see their strengths, I call them out and I see the person in front of me virtually fist pump themselves.

So I get AS MUCH OF THAT INTO MY DAY as possible. I can be the world’s biggest fun sponge one moment but hitting my encouraging straps the next, therefore in flow and therefore loving what I do.

There are countless Youtube hours devoted to “hacking the flow state”. Have a look at this one.

If you are still on a break from work; this state might feel out of reach but that is our journey, to help you identify with this again. You might just find in your current situation and you can bring it with you on the relaunch. I'd love to hear what you think!

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