You're probably MD material

Do not despise this day of small beginnings. I remember being at home pre-relaunch in the post-baby "real world" when we were having renovations done with two small ankle-biters playfighting around my feet. What skills was I refining? .....

The front door was open on a drafty, Siberian-themed afternoon in December whilst painters varnished the stairs. The cleaner was probably here because any spare cash I had back in the day was blown on her.  There was a carpenter fitting shelves downstairs, I needed to get something I borrowed back to my Mum's, Christmas was around the corner and I was the MD of festivities.

Did I look like an MD? Well, possibly not in that moment in my tracky bums, I grant you. But add two yappy toddlers leaving a trail of fruit puree on the floor, grizzling with noses streaming, incessant traffic noise and an open front door (your maternal instinct screaming at you to slam it shut and keep the brood safe). Tradesmen asking you 6 million questions. Vacuum cleaner roaring, Amazon shopping exuding its pernicious allure. I was a veritable whirling dervish of productivity.  It felt good.

There was so much going on and in that moment, I realised as I juggled it all that I was 

pretty flipping good under pressure. 

Not to mention organised, well able to handle competing priorities, confident to  
nail a to-do list, not get distracted and make strategic decisions despite the cacophony of distractions that abated. I had

razor-sharp focus

I remember my Mum watching me on such a day from her perch on the sofa. What she said was one of the main catalysts for getting back into the workforce.

 “I think it’s time you went back out and got a job”

This is from the woman who was a professional householder. The all-singing, all- Women’s Weekly reading mother of three/wife/friend/committee member/dinner party host of local note/DIYer/seamstress/stain blitzer who’s never had a day of paid work past the age of 25. Nice work if you are satisfied with it and can afford it but if you’re not… well… let me give you the permission that my mother gave me in that moment.

You are allowed to go back out there and earn your own money. Robert Walters, the professional recruitment firm has written a brilliant white paper on why women coming back to work after a break are marketable.

Guess what? It says we have transferrable skills, not just from stoking the home fires but also from that charity we volunteered for, or the small venture that we set up with a mate, or the freelance contract that we had. All whilst on the career break. Please do have a read of this to give you some killer interview prep.. or even just to realise how precious you are out there in the marketplace.

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