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January 04, 2018
I absolutely adore living walls and our thoughts are just like them: a multitude of colours, textures and layers that are amazing and surprising in their clarity and wisdom when they are all laid before us. That's what mind maps do.

Seems like the right time of the year to talk about mind mapping. Each time I have taken a fairly dramatic turn in my career, mind mapping has had a part. From when I left a big team-managing role in an agency, to moving in-house in a global asset manager, to taking time out altogether when the kids were small, to painting a picture of what the job that I have now should look like. I think they are magical, I really do. 

I urge you to do it. I think you probably have the tools to hand..pen, sheet of paper, a chunk of quiet…that will be first thing in the morning for me but might be after the children are in bed for you, with your fluffy socks. Somewhere inspiring please, not whilst doing the ironing or watching Holby. I just did one looking at this living wall in a coffee shop. 

It’s such a powerful graphic technique that you can use to translate what’s in your mind into a visual picture. We don’t need to understand the science here but it actually helps unlock the potential of the brain. All of a sudden you can sort through different details and crucially, recognise relationships among these details. 

All you do is put the topic at the centre of your map; the central image or focal point. e.g. "career master plan"
Radiate out the main themes with sticks from the centre and there you are, you are all of a sudden a 

Radiant thinker. Yes you.

At the end of the sticks could be: top strengths, core values, role models, your big why, education investment in yourself, location (home, office), support available...just go big.

 Being intentional pays dividends. FACT.

Don’t be intimidated by this. It really is a great way of brainstorming and organising your career ideas, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE NOT SURE what you want to do. Just get it down. Pinterest has a bazillion formats that you can use. I’ve saved a few on there for you, just look it up here.

This article has some fabulous questions to ask yourself:

Here is another template to use:

In time, I’ll get my own resource out there which mirrors what I did but I don’t want you to have to wait for that. I want you out there as fast as possible! Go for it!

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