Keep Your Perspective in 2018

The time when I am at my lowest, as I am sure it is for a lot of you, is late afternoon/early evening. I’m usually hungry, usually tired, but I need to pull it out of the bag to get home and spend some good time with the family. I would say that is the hardest time in the day/week/year for me working. School holidays I can manage because I just organise around them, school excursions and plays are hard but I can at least get to a few.

My big thing is the late afternoon and getting home after my long day, to children who would prefer a gameshow host. I myself would prefer to look like Tess Daly, it's true.

I recorded this video at Christmas but it’s relevant to any busy period that you are going through in your life; actually it’s about any time you are embarking on change. This message is so simple but yet fundamental to creating sustainable improvement.

I will every so often be not operating on all cylinders or at my creative or effective best  - because of the basics

I hope this little clip helps you to remember to bulletproof yourself with perspective as you make changes in 2018 - let me know if it does!

Your feedback means a lot - please do leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter. I'll be putting more videos on my Youtube channel as we go. 

Happy New Year!

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