Letters From Mothers to Daughters

I cannot stop reading a website I've found. It is real lump in the throat stuff.  

A year ago, search firm Eghon Zendher commissioned business leaders in 40 cities to write letters to their daughters; in a bid to collectively inspire, cultivate and pave a better future for the next generation of female leaders, in their Leaders & Daughters series. 

I’ve gathered up my ten favourite quotes like little jewels. Enjoy.

"It’s ok. Go ahead. Take that first step off the curb, babe. Because as much as I love the feel of your little hand in mine, I won’t always be there to walk you across. So remember to look both ways before you cross. Make sure you have enough time before the light turns red. Be smart and be safe. It’s how you’ll learn to navigate your way through this world. I’m right behind you"  -Emily Chang, CCO,China, IHG

"But there was one question that I asked myself and that helped me when facing moments of self-doubt: If others can, why not me?" -Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO, Grubhub

"Build networks and knowledge, who and what you know are equally important" - Dr Jackie Freiberg 

"When your rational mind tells you there are three logical choices ahead of you, but none of them feel right – make the fourth choice. Go where your heart tells you to go – because there is something about you that wraps your intellect and your brilliance in a caring cloth that makes you a master intuitive – and I would ask you to hold that dear no matter what you do" -Simmi Singh, 
Partner, Eghon Zehnder

Many people will tell you what you should do, what you should study, how you should act and who you should be. Some of them may even be right. Before you reject those suggestions, just consider for a moment why those suggestions are made. There is tremendous value in understanding what others may see as your talents or gifts or skills while staying true to yourself.

-Megan Griffault, Founder, Pearl Leadership Solutions

"The only ‘thinking’ I am quick to recognise and consciously step out of is ‘group thinking’. When everyone starts to sing from the same song sheet then somebody is not thinking what other lyrics could be written. Be that one who dares to see things from many perspectives" -Mo Akinboboye, Consultant, CIM Consultancy

"No matter your profession – whether you’re on the stage, in an operating room, or wherever life takes you – be a mentor. Help make it possible for other women to achieve their dreams. Believe. In yourself. In what you can accomplish. And in tomorrow" Donna Hengehold, Founder, DH Communications

"As you experience life, learn the difference between mind chatter and your soul’s voice". 

-Anne Mandler, Founder, Anne Mandler Inc

"Keep showing up exactly as you are, being strong on the inside and soft on the outside, respecting hard work, being true to other women, honouring good men"

-Carol Stafford,
 Healthcare Specialist, Vodafone Group Services

"All your dreams are super-valid"

-Ronke Nwadike, Director, Africa Real Estate and Investment

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