Transform your fears into career impetus

In this video I talk about my main catalyst for going back into work: The Fear.

The Fear is when you can smell, touch and taste the loneliness and emptiness that you might expect to feel once the children are in school. I had a deadline of the end of 2016 to be back in work to avoid full-blown Fear; but it happened a year before. 

They say running from pain is a great motivator and it certainly was for me.

Knowing that there would be a time, that was coming at me like a freight train, when between 9 - 3 the house would be empty of noise, primary coloured plastic, Cbeebies and dried fruit "leathers" (what a name!) was enough to send me into the job market. 

Some women never feel this and in fact are delighted to have the day to themselves to pursue hobbies/socialising/parent council-type activities and society needs these amazing people. I, however, was built to work. 

If you think you might be too why not have a look at this recent blog post for resources and download my Are You Ready For Work questionnaire which helps you assess whether or  not you are job-search ready. 

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