Your Strategy of Self-Expression

January 13, 2018

It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else.  
 -Henri Matisse

In this video I talk about finding your unique voice, in front of one of Matisse's famous cut-outs

It bothered Matisse that he wasn't like anyone else, but if he had been, maybe culture would have forgotten him. With his paintings selling for millions of dollars, we know people respond to the unique way he looked at the world. 

Your style is your Unique Selling Point. What you bring to the table is vision, not just talent and a set of paints. 

American Express Open Forum has a guide for determining the USP of a business. It boils down to this:

Identify aspects of your product or service 

that your competitors cannot imitate. 

How do you apply that as an individual? What's the part of you that brings all your expertise together? Your skills are a palette of colours that you choose how to apply to the canvas.

Take your talent and apply your own style to it.

The people who are not afraid to be generous with their individual expression just stand out in my office. By bringing all of their experience and wisdom to bear, rather than saying what they think people want to hear, they make the biggest impact.

If you read some of these letters from successful women of all shapes and sizes you will see that a common thread is the desire for self-expression. 

Nobody else can be you, you’re the brand… remember this as you go forward today; when you interview, when you write your CV or digital profiles. 

You can frame your own talent to be just as striking as a Matisse.

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