How to Avoid Anxiety in Your Job Search Part 2

Last week I shared some "quick wins" that you can have over the anxiety battle in your job search. Here's part two of my checklist on how to keep the stress to a minimum. I know it feels easier said than done. Worry really plays with your decision making and performance, so it is worth working doing these actions little and often.

5) Internal control - create a sense of it

“the harder I work, the luckier I get” said many people. The more you employ smart job search tactics, the more in control you feel (tweak your Linkedin, get help with your CV, do more informational interviews, sharpen your pitch, read about your target industry). Build knowledge with research, keeping a learnings journal, write down anything useful to feel that you are constantly moving forward. 

6) Strengthen Your Feedback Muscle

If you get used to consistently asking for feedback this builds resilience and helps you tweak your offer. It gets easier as you just do it. 

7) Exercise Gratitude

Be grateful for your courage, the people you meet, your experiences, your career break and the perspective and experience it gave you. In a similar way to point 6, it helps you meditate on the positive and stay out of the catastrophising spiral.

8)Define Your Plan Loosely

This is vital. Be prepared to change your thoughts about ideal role, type of role, how your CV looks and your elevator pitch sounds as you get feedback. Don’t hold the outcome too tightly but just keep moving forward. Be prepared to change things up if you are not getting enough hits.  If you can stay open, give yourself LOTS of time, and manage your expectations you will be confident, not come across as desperate and far less stressed.

Having too fixed a destination point is very stress-inducing. Be clear on the type of role you want, (content, structure, location, arrangement) and then hold this as an ideal that you move towards. Then put your feelers out, turn over all the stones that you can, and keep assuring yourself that you will get there.

I thought of another anxiety killer that I haven’t added to the infographic: Breathing. As a suggestion: spend five minutes each day, (bare) feet on the ground, in a practice of being in touch with the earth, reminding yourself that no matter what happens in the day and in the job search, you will tomorrow be able to return to the same place, with the same breathing. It helps me feel centred and sure. Rather than feeling like  a victim of what happens when I leave the house. You happen to the day rather than it happening to you! 

Ironically you will feel more in control. I want to help you change your thoughts from being intimidated by the market to being invigorated by the challenge of finding work.

Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova on Unsplash

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