How to Have Fun With Interview Preparation

Can you actually make interview preparation fun?

Yes! I'm determined to reframe interviews and interview preparation.  They should not feel like tests where the interviewer is an omnipotent character,  holding the interviewee's fate in their hands.

You, as an interviewee, have more power than you think. I am on a mission to help you go into interview feeling that the interviewer is ON YOUR SIDE and wants you to get the job. 

Recruiters are actually people who enjoy other people. 

Our reputation is staked on making a match between hirer and candidate. Good ones care about their reputations. You can sniff the good ones out: the ones who will meet you and advise you. They will not make you feel like you are part of a speedy transaction. 

Very often, hiring managers are really nervous going into interview.

They just want to find the right person for the role. They definitely would rather be doing their "day jobs" instead of being on show in interview! It's not easy to  come up with probing interview questions.

Armed with this understanding, you have an opportunity.

You have more power than you think. There is a battle in the market for good talent, even talent that has had some (enriching) time out of career. If you know your CV, especially around  your key achievements, you can handle tricky questions by relating responses back to these.

For interview preparation, if you rehearse telling your story briefly in front of the mirror it becomes more fun to deliver in interview.

If you get there early you don't appear ruffled, hassled and disorganised and you can just enjoy meeting a new contact.

Know what you bring, practise with a friend/spouse/speaking into  your phone recorder.  Do this until you understand how you can be a solution provider and problem solver. Isn't it satisfying to be able to confidently detail how you can help?

Be humble and nice! It's a strength to share an awareness of your "learning edges" or development opportunities.  Any interviewer will be assessing the risks of hiring you so better to help them see you as a total package. They will also warm to  you more when they see you are authentic.

I have interviewed thousands of people in my career and the ones that stand out have all had the above in common. Their interview preparation was obvious.

Genuine (not False) Humility and Curiosity are Superpowers in Interview

Do be ready to ask questions to show you are a learner and a listener. Ask: "What type of a person does well here, who is a good cultural fit?". Good candidates will do research and ask questions about the organisation. I once asked someone interviewing me how I could make THEM look good. She did offer me the job...perhaps this question had something to do with it...

This free video training will help you go into interview feeling embodied, empowered and with your personal energy intact.

Yes, first impressions count massively but many people also warm up, so don't be put off by the initial 5 mins. The vast majority of hiring decisions are made after a full interview, when you have had time to run through all of your experience.

Final fun fact: even if you think it has all gone wrong, you may have still made a great impression. Four months ago I interviewed someone too experienced for the role. We now have a bigger role that she'd be perfect for, but sadly she is off the market. In summary, she nailed the interview but she may not have realised at the time. So, try not to take it personally. Even if you think you haven't you may have made a great impression.

Interviews are just an opportunity to showcase how brilliant you are, you just need to practise and enjoy delivering your message. Have fun, your energy will be infectious. Don't forget to have fun doing the physical preparation.

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