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April 28, 2018

I’m a recruiter for a leading global consultancy firm, a mother by gift and an encourager by nature. Having taken several years out of my career after having a family, I felt like I had disappeared off the face of the planet when the time came to get working again. I felt invisible; that I had forgotten everything that I had ever achieved.

The endless conversation that I have had with friends is “what can I do now the kids aren’t babies any more?” It took me far longer than it should have to get back into work because my confidence had hit rock bottom. I was exactly the same person as before, only better - however I was paralysed by feelings of inadequacy. 

I care desperately about stopping others from experiencing the crippling anxiety and lack of confidence that I did. I wanted to create a resource for women who might be that little bit behind me and need someone to see them, tell them they are still good (in fact better!) and that they can go on to achieve amazing things in their career.

I’m now in a unique position where I am an in-house recruiter, deeply experienced on the other side of the recruitment process and also acutely aware of what it feels like to come back to your career after a break. 

...and I want to hear from you! Drop a comment under one of the blog posts, or follow me on Twitter. I’d LOVE to chat to you and encourage you along the way.  


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